1965 Impala

This will be a page to document the restoration of my high school car, a 1965 Impala sport coupe, 2 door hardtop, originally with a 283 and powerglide transmission. During the course of the first couple years we did an amateur restoration, rebuilt the engine, redid the upholstery and swapped the powerglide for a TH350 and then a year later swapped it for a 700R4. The car is ready for a proper restoration. The final variation of the car is subject to change, even the engine is an unknown at this point. It might go back original or it may get a 500+ cubic inch engine or anything in between.

Welcome to our blog

Thanks for joining along as we get dirty, dusty and greasy. This page will be a place to share things going on in the restoration shop. As is often the case with restoration work, it tends to go in spurts so there may be a lot of updates for a while and then not much for a while. Please check back often, we appreciate your interest in our projects.