Welcome to our blog

Thanks for joining along as we get dirty, dusty and greasy. This page will be a place to share things going on in the restoration shop. As is often the case with restoration work, it tends to go in spurts so there may be a lot of updates for a while and then not much for a while. Please check back often, we appreciate your interest in our projects. 


2 thoughts on “Welcome to our blog

  1. The blogosphere is a competitive environment, so I will be doing everything I can to get this page shut down. 🙂 This looks great! I’m excited to read about some of your projects.

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    1. Thanks, I’ve not been too active working on it. The intent is to have a place to post progress so that customers can share pics with their friends as work gets done. Lately I’ve not had time for any “fun” work so there’s nothing to share!

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